About Fourspace

My name is Tim and I am a self-described design geek.  This site is a vehicle for me to write not only for others but for myself, to serve as a reminder of what I find interesting, beautiful and inspiring.

While at times I may go astray, this site primarily features discussion and presentation of homes and the objects we place inside them.  It is unfortunate that most homes today are not the product of design, for it is good design that understands the reality of our lives and seeks to make it better and more enjoyable.  A building engineered and constructed with care is one that will care for us in return.  Our homes should exhibit what we consider best about ourselves and serve to remind us of these ideals when we might otherwise forget.  Home is a sanctuary.  It is not an escape, but rather an embrace of our true selves.

In order to achieve happiness, one has to identify goals according to their rational values and then take steps towards fulfulling them.  As I see it, this path is best served by surrounding yourself with the art, objects, people and ideas that propel you forward, and eliminating everything else.  I hope that my writing accurately displays my attempt to fulfill my own values and encourages you to find and fulfill your own.

The name Fourspace is one I’ve been using for a long time now, but only recently have I reflected on what it might mean for a site about design.  To me, the space inside a home not only contains the three physical dimensions, but can also be measured by its impact on our minds and our lives.  While it might be comparatively hard to measure, that fourth dimension is arguably the most important.